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21 9월 2021

Delvaux appoints Jean-Marc Loubier as CEO

Delvaux is pleased to announce the appointment of Jean-Marc Loubier as CEO of DELVAUX, effective 21 September 2021.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Jean-Marc Loubier with the mission to realize the full potential of the Maison, at the pinnacle of the high end leathergoods luxury market.

Previously, as a co-founder of First Heritage Brands, he decided in 2011 to invest in Delvaux. As its Executive Chairman, he defined and executed a bold and successful strategy which positioned Delvaux as one of the most interesting brands at the apex of the international luxury market.

This success coupled with a rich and always innovative experience gained in leading other global luxury brands will be key to write the next chapter of the Maison

In his position, Jean-Marc Loubier will report to Philippe Fortunato CEO of Fashion & Accessories Maisons.

Please join us in wishing Jean-Marc Loubier every success in his future role.

Philippe Fortunato

Delvaux Director
Richemont CEO of Fashion & Accessories Maisons