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Tempête MM

in Supple Calf

₩ 7,570,000

  • Noir
  • Noir
  • Noir
  • Vison
  • Tourterelle I
  • Dimensions

  • 27.5 / 10.5 / 21 cm

Created in 1967, the Tempête was inspired by a sailboat’s trapeze at a time when sailing was all the vogue off Belgium’s glamorous North Sea coast. Designed with graphic lines and distinctive jewel-like metal studs, the Tempête has become one of Delvaux’s most emblematic bags.



  • 부드러운 Calf Leather
  • Natural calfskin lining
  • 지퍼식 인사이드 포켓 및 손거울, 플랫 포켓, 키후크
  • 탈착 및 길이 조정이 가능한 레더 숄더 스트랩
  • 팔라디움 하드웨어

Your Delvaux is made of the highest quality Supple Calf leather, sourced from France and Switzerland. It has been selected and crafted with great care by our master craftsmen working in our workshops in Belgium and France.

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