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Bold and Uncompromising, L’Airess is Delvaux’s  answer to the tote.

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L'Airess Spreads its Wings

An exercise in aerodynamic design, L’Airess lands effortlessly on summer’s runway. Deploying perforation as playful embellishment, it shares with us its inner workings, while preserving its mystery. Seductive and intriguing, it elevates the quotidian tote to sublime heights.

With its unexpected lightness and rigorous architecture, L’Airess represents Delvaux’s adventurous and pioneering spirit.

l'airess tote

The Architect of Leather

Taking its inspiration from the Avia Airess, Delvaux’s revolutionarily line of luggage launched in 1946, the suitcase’s featherlight internal metal frame featured functional perforations, that, transposed onto leather takes on a new, remarkable character.

Ready for Take-Off

Breezy yet resolute, L’Airess is as trustworthy as it is versatile. It can be worn many ways: with its wings spread or fully closed, on the shoulder or by its D shaped handle. It embodies Delvaux’s exquisite craft, as well as its innovative streak.

Oozing confidence, L'Airess celebrates contrasts.

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